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We've Got the Painless Solution!

The Premier Alternative™ provides a special voluntary out-of-pocket insurance plan that reimburses employees for the lionís share of their deductibles and co-pays on their medical claims. Assistance is provided by a non-profit organization, so that adding this supplement to their group plan will not negatively impact the take home pay of any employee from the highest paid to the lowest paid employee on the groupís plan (no discrimination here). The Premier Alternative is a highly unique and proprietary plan that could solve many of the problems facing employers and employees in this difficult time. The full program will not only bring painless relief in paying for health insurance, and the resulting claims, but it can also provide assistance in caring for the retirement needs of workers.

This program has been six years in the making. We were determined to bring a real answer to some real problems facing our nation and its workforce. We have involved highly qualified experts in law, accounting, insurance, and economics (with expert outside validation on all aspects of this plan). It has required a great deal of our time and money to make our contribution. As concerned Americans we have also carefully considered the effect our pre-tax plan would have on the collection of all forms of taxes. We have endeavored to find a painless solution for all parties involved and to execute it in a manner that complies with the rules. Surprisingly, it offers extra benefits to the GDP of the US economy as well. We have come up with something that may require some extra effort toward understanding the whole picture, but when you do, it will be quite remarkable.